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Learn How to Identify and Eliminate the One Thing Holding You Back and Start Creating a Dynamic Vision for the Life You Really Want in As Little as Three Short Months!

Thousands of people worldwide believe the myth that there is always something “wrong”…

They’re struggling in business because there’s something “wrong” with them…

Their relationship is unfulfilling and unhappy because there’s something “wrong” with them, or their partner…

They feel tired, stuck, or uninspired because something is “wrong” with, well… something.

(So forth!)

We believe this myth because we’ve been taught that we need to “fix” ourselves in order to be happy, to be productive, to find joy and fulfillment.

And, the lie that there’s “something wrong with me…” is what keeps so many mission-driven men and women from making the REAL IMPACT they otherwise could.
But guess what?

There is nothing wrong with you.

Sure, you may have challenges… there may be things in your life you don’t prefer or didn’t expect… but that doesn’t mean you can’t have the life, love, and business you were created for!

THE TRUTH IS, there is one simple thing you probably already know how to do that can ACCELERATE CHANGE and TRANSFORM any area of your life you want to.

(Without focusing on the negative or dragging yourself down).

It IS possible to live a happy, fulfilling life, ditch the self-doubt and transform your business and your legacy…

And all in less time than you probably believe possible!

Unleash Your Potential, Transform Your Business and Get the Life You Deserve

Before I dive into the specifics…let me ask you this…

How many times have you heard people talk about “mindset”?

The word “Mindset” gets thrown around a lot these days. But how many coaches really know how to help their clients make changes at a neurological level? How many people actually know how to do a deep dive into REAL Mindset work and create a powerful, working Vision for their Life and Business?

Honestly? Not too many.

You see, a lot of coaches will talk about mindset work at a superficial level. They’ll talk about positive thinking, mental toughness and a few other buzzwords, but never get into the science behind it or why EVERYTHING YOU WANT literally hinges on your Mindset.

But we help our clients replace their limiting beliefs, create a powerful Vision, and transform how they experience life for good.

While most mindset work doesn’t touch on these key principles, ours DOES.

In fact, it’s one of the cornerstones of what we teach.

It helps business owners regain clarity on their purpose, strengthen their vision and reclaim their excitement for life.

Plus, it sets the stage for long-term growth and REAL results, for years to come.


Grant Porteous

Hi, I’m Grant Porteous and my Vision is to eradicate the lie that there’s something wrong with you, and we do that by helping mission-driven, heart-centered entrepreneurs transform their lives, relationships, and businesses so they can live out their mission and Vision.

After 20 years in the private sector, I knew I needed to make a change. I was hitting roadblock after roadblock, feeling a growing sense of frustration and dissatisfaction.

However, even after changing industries and taking a master’s degree in social work (and serving thousands of clients for almost twenty years), I realized all of the good intentions in the world weren’t helping people get the results they really wanted.

Frustrating, right?!
Well, that frustration led me to continue the search, finally leading me to discover a coaching methodology that handed me the keys to the real transformation that I get to share with my clients today.

Now I’m putting those 40+ years of experience to work, by helping other mission-driven world-changers make the kind of lasting impact we both know they can.

How? First, our clients get a step-by-step approach to doing the work.

No more, try this, or try that. Second, we offer clients three programs – depending on their unique needs.

Third, our clients get both theory and outcomes, engaging in a dynamic process that combines learning and doing.

And finally, every program is infused with our core spiritual vision: “First, there’s nothing wrong with you. I’m here to help you transform your life and business now; create a powerful Vision for your future; and, hand you the keys to unlock the life of your dreams.

Ready to get started?

We're Committed To Helping People Like You Change Their Lives,
Reset Their Mindsets And Unlock Their Fullest Potential

So, What Sets Us Apart?

…one model, three programs, and focused, intentional action toward the life and business you really want!

When I first started coaching, I created a hybrid approach to the work I was doing. Moving further and further away from “helping” models built on ideas like pathology, brokenness, dysfunction, and diagnoses, I began to work from the idea that has since become the core of our spiritual vision at Grant Porteous Coaching is: “there’s nothing wrong with you.”

We’re here to help you find your ultimate vision, transform your mindset and unlock the door to getting what you really want in your life.

If you’re ready to get started, here’s where we’re going:


You’ll learn exactly how to own your Mindset, identifying and replacing limiting beliefs and old, negative stories


Create a powerful, dynamic Vision that organizes all of your goals and objectives and every key life area


Start taking intentional action right away as you build a plan going well-beyond the work we do together, all beginning with up to three key life areas you want to change right now

By the time we finish working together you will be able to identify and eliminate the old, negative stories and beliefs that are holding you back and limiting your life, love, and legacy.

You’ll have created a vision for your life with crystal clarity, so you know exactly where you’re going and how you’ll get there.

We’ll support you, help you overcome your challenges and give you the accountability you need to reach your goals even faster!

What People Are Saying

Jonathan Upleger
Wave Maker – Leader – Father –
Husband – Entrepreneur – Sales Guru

Martin Rizzi
Buckley Campus Pastor
The Tabernacle Church
Client Testimonial from Bill Marsh

Bill Marsh
Bill Marsh Automotive Group

Grant Porteous client testimonial
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“I’d really lost my joy…I was feeling stuck…and Grant said, 'what’s going to happen if you don’t do anything?' and I said, 'I don’t want to find out!' “I would have paid triple the amount knowing what I know now…”
Joanna Beasley
Former Recording Artist and Entrepreneur
Grant Porteous client testimonial
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“Grant put me on a path that really made a giant difference in my life at a time when I really needed it.”
Kurt Hubschneider
President & Founder, Hubschneider Properties

Are You Ready to Change Your Life?

If You Know It’s Time to Take Action and You’re Ready to Invest in Building the Life You Really Want,
Here’s What You Can Expect Working With Us!

Step 1

Consultation Call

We’ll start with a NO COST consultation call, where we’ll talk about your goals, your current situation and what you’re hoping to achieve through coaching.

This is absolutely critical- we need to know how best to help you, so we can make sure you’re a great fit for coaching. This is also a great opportunity for you to ask us any questions you might have about our options, programs and what you get.

Step 2


Once you make the decision to start coaching, we’ll start face-to-face Zoom meetings each week for the first half of your program, followed by meetings every other week. You’ll be challenged and supported during and between meetings with ongoing support via email and Voxer.

Step 3

See Results

Coaching is only as good as the results you get. We’ll evaluate progress, challenges, and the work you need to do at each step of the process. You’ll gain incredible insights, learn powerful skills and strategies, and discover exactly what you need to take every part of your life and business to a whole new level.

Create the life you’ve always dreamed of, get the accountability you need, and start seeing REAL results- no exceptions.

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